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The World's New Great Destination

In the heart of the Caribbean, located in the southeast of the Dominican Republic, “The World’s Greatest Destination”, CAP CANA, is being developed. Dominican Republic. CAP CANA is the most exclusive residential project of the Caribbean.  With a long-term projected investment of 1.5 billion dollars, the first stage of the Project comprises an area of 25 million square meters (6,200 acres) of a total of over 120 million square meters (30,000 acres), 5.5 kilometers (3.4 miles) of virgin beaches surrounded by coral reefs with magnificent views of the Caribbean Sea.  Enjoying a privileged climate, CAP CANA is surrounded by a natural beauty that makes it the new Dominican paradise.  CAP CANA is located on the easternmost part of the country, perfectly accessible by the Punta Cana International Airport, which is only 10 minutes away and has direct flight service from the USA, Latin America and the most important European cities.

The CAP CANA project will be developed in a series of stages during the next 10 years, with 5,000 residential units and 500 hotel rooms. Due to the magnitude of each of these stages, they could be considered as individual development projects. Each of them will enjoy all the facilities that make CAP CANA such a special place.  To date, more than $300 million dollars have been invested in infrastructure and construction, the majority of which has been completed with Cap Cana own funds, including the Caletón BeachClub, over 25 kilometers of roads, an aqueduct and water supply, its own power generation and distribution, over 80% of the first stage of the Marina, and the 18-hole Punta Espada Golf Course, a Jack Nicklaus Signature course, which began operating late 2006.  The project includes two additional Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Courses, the state-of-the-art largest inland marina of the Caribbean with over 500 slips accommodating 150-ft yachts, elegant boutiques and restaurants located in charming scenarios. White sand, clear blue beaches, world-class spas, swimming pools, tennis courts, scuba-diving, among others.  “Start Big” has been one of our main goals and the development of the project shows it, with future development to include polo and riding fields, school, hospital, and retail shops.

CAP CANA offers a unique lifestyle, a membership in the most complete private club of the world, including membership in golf clubs, yacht clubs, sporting clubs and beach clubs, with luxury service and hospitality.

Origin of the name: CAP CANA The name derives from the French word “cap”, meaning “cape”, due to its location in the chain of capes known as “La Majagua”, between Cabo Engaño and Cabo San Rafael. The word “cana” is due to the large of number of this type of palm in the Project. Thus, the name CAP CANA.

Why is it the new Caribbean destination? CAP CANA has all the necessary elements to be the luxury destination of the region: climate, Caribbean charm, the possibility of owning a property facing the beach and enjoying the best golfing.  In order to achieve this, it relies on a team of the best professionals (architects, designers, engineers, etc.) who put their knowledge and expertise at the service of the client.  In the midst of nature and washed by crystal blue waters, the seal of exclusivity is engraved in all and each of the services offered by CAP CANA.  CAP CANA is a way of indulging in the Caribbeean lifestyle in a luxurious environment.

  • An international destination for yachting and scuba-diving.
    CAP CANA’s Marina is one of the pillars of the project, designed to be the most important marina in the Caribbean. The Grand Canal (almost sixty meters wide and five meters deep) will be the central axis, surrounded by luxury stores, exclusive restaurants and five-star hotels. Transportation through these water thoroughfares will be by environment-friendly “vaporetto” shuttles, an innovative system exclusively for transporting guests and visitors.  The CAP CANA Marina will be built in three stages, representing a 96 million dollar investment. Once the third stage is completed, the marina will be able to birth 500 yachts. It will be the only full service marina in a 400 kilometer radius between the Turks and Caicos and Puerto Rico, accommodating all types of yachts, including 150+ ft (50 m). In addition, it will offer maintenance services and port and customs authorities.  Its privileged location in the Caribbean, close the Mona Channel, one of the five main fishing destinations of the world, is enviable due to its proximity to the coast and its extended fishing season (March to October).

An unforgettable experience: Live golf in the hands of Jack Nicklaus.  One of the best golf players of all times, Jack Nicklaus, known as the “Golden Bear”, winner of 20 of the main world golf tournaments and currently one of the most prominent golf course designers, has completed the design of one of three CAP CANA’s golf courses under Jack Nicklaus signature, for a total investmentof 42 million dollars.  With the most golf courses than any other country in the Caribbean, Dominican Republic has a privileged position in the world of golf. CAP CANA reinforces this prestigious reputation by having three Jack Nicklaus Signature golf courses, becoming a unique destination to enjoy this sport.  Punta Espada Golf Course is the first of the three golf courses and is destined to become the most spectacular of all three, considering that 8 of its 18 holes are by the sea, and 9 of the remaining 10 have a view to the Caribbean. Its topography incorporates the natural characteristics of the environment: coast, beach, coves and greens, guaranteeing the enjoyment of golfers at all levels, including participants of world tournaments. Jack Nicklaus himself played the first round of golf at Punta Espada during the Grand Opening this past November 2006.

Punta Espada Golf Club.  Located inside the exclusive area of Punta Espada Golf Course, in hole 19, the Club enjoys an impressive view of 10 of the 18 holes, the practice range, and the Caribbean Sea, which borders all the southern coast of the Project.  CAP CANA hired the acclaimed Mexican architectural firm GVA to design the Golf Club in addition to hiring Nicklaus for the design of the golf course. The Golf Club covers an area of 3,252m² (Over 30,000 sq ft) with a lobby, pro shop, bar, restaurant seating 90 guests, and library, among other services, surrounded by lavish landscaping, waterfalls and all.

Caletón Beach Club.  Located close to the sea, with a total construction area of approximately 4,500 m² (Over 40,000 sq ft) which includes covered area, terraces and gardens; the Caletón Beach Club offers its visitors the opportunity to enjoy the relaxing sounds of the Caribbean Sea. The concept of Caletón Beach Club reflects a tropical ambiance with native elements, which with the warmth of its interior design, exudes a pleasant sense of harmony, elegance and serenity, at all times highlighting the beauty of its natural surroundings. Its high ceilings lined with “cana” and its open walkways prepare visitors for a unique experience.  The exclusive and elegant club has an ample reception lobby with a waterfall and water mirror, tropical gardens, and area for exhibits, spa, restaurant and bar, grill, terraced swimming-pool area, among other facilities.  Group CAP CANA hired the interior designer Patricia Reid Baquero to decorate the exclusive and elegant Caletón Beach Club, whose architectural design is by the architects Oscar Imbert Tessón and Antonio Segundo Imbert.  The Caletón Beach Club is considered the largest of the Caribbean.


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Condos for Sale in Cap Cana, Punta Cana, La Altagracia $450,000
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Condos for Sale in Cap Cana, Punta Cana, La Altagracia $1,700,000
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Cap Cana Luxury Condo For Sale |Sotogrande 3 BDR 364 m2| Punta Cana Dominican Republic $1,700,000 USD 3 3 1 half
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Cap Cana Luxury Villa For Sale | Villa Caleton | Punta Cana, Dominican Republic $2,395,000 USD 4 4 1 half
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Cap Cana Luxury Villa For Sale | Punta Cayuco 1341 | Punta Cana, Dominican Republic $2,800,000 USD 4 plus maid's quarters 4
Lots and Land for Sale in Cap Cana, Punta Cana, La Altagracia $3,700,000
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Cap Cana Beachfront homesites lots land |Juanillo 6000 m2 | Punta Cana, Dominican Republic $3,700,000 USD
Homes for Sale in Cap Cana, La Altagracia $3,850,000
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Cap Cana Luxury Villa For Sale | Punta Cayuco 867 |Punta Cana, Dominican Republic $3,850,000 USD 5 plus 2 Maids Qtrs 5

Multiple Real Estate Options  

CAP CANA offers different real estate options in order to adapt to the needs of each individual: golf and beach homesites, condominiums in the beach and marina, golf and beach villas. These are some of the residential options offered, of which we highlight the following:


Golden Bear Lodge (sold) This project, unique in the world, is a novel, luxury condominium concept created by JackNicklaus, and CAP CANA is the location chosen for its development. The Golden Bear Lodge is located between Punta Espada and Las Iguanas Golf Courses, both of which are designed by Nicklaus.  Golden Bear Lodge is an exceptional set of 98 luxury condominiums divided into 70 two-bedroom apartments, 14 one-bedroom apartments and 14 studios, with an exquisite architectural design, private swimming pools and spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea. They are close to the Club’s main central building, with full restaurant service, business center, spa and private golf practice facilities.  Golden Bear Lodge is the dream of the most passionate golfers.

Aquamarina Condominiums (sold) Aquamarina Condominiums offer the best combination of relaxing on the beach and the dynamic attractions of a marina.  Aquamarina Condominiums are located around the Grand Canal, comprising one, two or three bedrooms, whose main feature is the panoramic view of maritime activities.

Punta Palmera A private residential complex in which the sea is the main character.  With a privileged location in front of one of CAP CANA’s gorgeous beaches, this residential complex has access to the largest inland marina of the Caribbean. The main building includes a lobby, reception area, private gym, concierge service, two private swimming pools and a gourmet restaurant for the enjoyment of owners.

Logroval Premium Villas Sumptuous villas, exuberant gardens with spectacular views, mixing contemporary and classical styles, creating a space filled with warmth, expanse, sobriety and elegance.

Las Lagunas Estates An exclusive residential complex located within Punta Espada Golf Course, surrounded by exuberant vegetation, framed by texture and color - a privileged place. Designed by renowned architectural and designing firms the residences incorporate the magnificent surroundings with spectacular views of the coast and the Caribbean Sea.

Cayuco Estates and Villas  A pleasant sector located on Punta Espada Golf Course, which provides these villas and homesites with a spectacular view intermingling the courses, the sea, the sand and the cliffs, making this private community an unforgettable place.

Caleton Villas and Estates This exclusive residential community is located on a priviledged site, surrounded by the Punta Espada Golf Course with breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea and the spectacular bluff.  Discover Caleton, a remarkable collection of homes conceived specially for you.

Hotels The first of the AltaBella Hotels, the AltaBella Sanctuary Hotel & Spa - scheduled to open late 2007, will be a hotel in which good taste, quality of service, tranquility and beauty will reign.  One hundred seventy-seven deluxe suites ranging from 75m² to 350m²; of which approximately 40% will have a sea-side entrance through an internal swimming pool, fed directly by the crystal clear blue waters of the Caribbean. An expected 54 million dollars investment, this hotel boasts 8 restaurants, 8 bars and a convention center for up to 500 persons.  A hotel where visitors will find everything they had always dreamt of for their best vacation: spa, golf, beach, marina and fishing, distributed among a 120 thousand square meter area, of which 47 thousand will be constructed. It was designed by the famous Spanish architect, Andrés Piñeiro, who provided the hotel an eclectic personality, ensuring that each of its corners is different from the other.

Fishing Lodge Hotel The AltaBella Fishing Lodge Hotel, a 5-star facility now under construction, which as opposed to Sanctuary has a more youthful style, more dynamic, more informal, due to its location at the CAP CANA Marina. It will include 120 suites along with a 290 deluxe apartment complex with a view of the Marina. The complex shall be managed under a “rental pool” system.  In addition, 11 restaurants and 10 thousand square meters of shops of world-known trademarks will provide outstanding services to the guests. The Fishing Lodge Hotel and the Sanctuary will be built at a cost of $180 million dollars.

Evolution of CAP CANA - Summary. 

CAP CANA’s construction process is divided into three stages:  

  • First stage (3 years)
  • Second stage (6 years)
  • Third stage (7 years) 
    the first stage began in 2001 with the inception of the CAP CANA project.  During 2004 and 2005, the first golf course was started reaching completion in November of 2006.  In addition, by the end of 2007, when the first stage will be finalized, the following will be completed:
  • Marina condominiums for Founders
  • 175 slips at the Marina
  • The first stage of the aqueduct
  • Main access roads
  • Infrastructure for basic services
  • The Altabella Sancturary Hotel & Spa


Strategic Collaborators 

CAP CANA has brought together an elite team of professionals for the development of the Project, among which are: Sinercon, Jack Nicklaus, Coastal Systems International, Inc., International Marinas, Weitz Golf International, GVA, Troon Golf, and Stewart Title, among others.

Grupo Abrisa - Grupo Abrisa is one of the main economic groups of the Dominican Republic, and it is the platform of Sound Corporation and prestigious institutions, which influence the development of Dominican society.  For many years, the commitment of Grupo Abrisa has been based on contributing to the acquisition of basic goods and services, such as, housing, health and education.  Grupo Abrisa is in the process of internationalization and opening global markets in the different economic sectors, developing strategic alliances with prestigious institutions in America and Europe seeking to strengthen their corporate structure.

Sinercon – Sinercon a national corporation hired for the construction of several projects in CAP CANA. Sinercon bases its activities on its quality system, with the object of continuously improving its processes and operations. Its excellence in planning and executing its work, as well as its innovative nature, has made it deserving of national acclaim as a state-of-the-art corporation in the Dominican construction sector.

Nicklaus Design – No other name is a synonym of perfection in the world of golf as Jack Nicklaus, leader of the best designers, agricultural and industrial engineers, and experts in the construction and marketing of golf resorts.

Coastal Systems International, Inc. – An international firm for maritime solutions with demonstrated expertise in the design and engineering of marinas. Coastal Systems International, Inc. provides solutions to coastal projects, from the analysis of the terrain to the construction of the marina.

International Marinas – Rarely can one find a team of elite professionals involved in the management of marinas like International Marinas, with over 100 years of reknown work and prestige, combined with reputation and experience in the design and implementation of marinas forlarge boats. International Marinas’ management concept transcends continents, cultures, hemispheres and oceans.

Edward D. Stone, Jr. & Associates (EDSA) - Known as one of the leading international firms in architectural planning and development, its work involves areas as different as design of hotels and resorts, planning of residential and entertainment complexes, as well as urban design and planning, the environment and ecotourism

Weitz Golf International – A leading corporation in the construction of golf courses and golf clubs, with 149 years of experience, Weitz Gold International shall be responsible for the construction and completion of the project’s three golf courses, under Jack Nicklaus Signature.  By hiring them, we have selected the best of the industry.

Troon Golf – Leader in management services of golf complexes, Troon Golf will supervise the construction of the three CAP CANA golf courses designed by Nicklaus and will manage all operations the project’s golf clubs.

GVA & Asociados – Since 1961, GVA & Asociados has developed into an organization that offers solutions, whose structures allow for architectural work that not only comply with their objectives, but that are also pleasing to the eye and the spirit by being very respectful of the harmony of the environment.

Stewart Title– Founded in 1893, Stewart is a technologically advanced corporation, strategically competitive, offering information and management services for real estate transactions. It offers titled ownership guaranty and related services with over 7,800 offices and agents in the U.S.A. as well as several international markets.

AltaBella Hotels - AltaBella Hotels is a corporation founded on August 2002, whose main activity is investment, construction and operation of deluxe hotels, owned or managed by the corporation. Three of its first hotels will be located at CAP CANA, the new destination of the world.

Oscar Imbert & Antonio Segundo Imbert, Architects – the architect, Oscar Imbert Tessón, born in Puerto Plata, graduated in 1980 from Universidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña (UNPHU) and holds a Masters degree in Architecture from the Pratt Institute of Design of New York, 1983.  As in the case of Imbert Tessón, Antonio Segundo Imbert, was also born in Puerto Plata, and completed his architectural studies at Universidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña (UNPHU) in 1991. One of the aspects that highlight the work of Antonio Imbert is his ability to establish different themes in each type of intervention, urban or rural.  His work at Punta Cana is visibly permeated by the natural landscape, a fact reflected in the use of local materials, which rebound to the space created, full of texture and rich coloring.

Patricia Reid Baquero – An interior design graduate from Universidad Pedro Henríquez Ureña, she is the president of the design firm Patricia Reid Baquero.  Among the projects developed by Reid are: Carambola Hotel (St. Croix, Virgin Islands), Hotel La Caleta (Varadero, Cuba), HotelesTopes de Collantes (Trinidad, Cuba), Hotel Casa de Campo (La Romana, Dominican Republic.), Hotel Plantation (Terrenas, Dominican Republic), Hacienda Bárbara (Macao, DominicanRepublic.), Seminole Golf Club (Palm Beach, Florida), Romana Golf and Country Club (La Romana, Dom. Rep.), the home of Julio Iglesias (Marbella, Spain), among many others. With an extensive national and international experience, she was hired to design the exclusive and elegant Caletón Beach Club.

Alexandra Guzmán – Alexandra Guzmán de Campagna, architect and interior designer, has worked in numerous residential and commercial buildings in the Dominican Republic and the United States. A nature lover, color is her best ally, an influence of our Caribbean environment.  Alexandra Guzmán integrates the exterior with the interior, creating a natural connection with the landscape. She is a synthesis of everything artisan, traditional and classical to arrive at the most simple and state-of-the-art environments, always giving them a magical touch, an atmosphere that invites one to serenity and relaxation. This is reflected in the design of the first five bungalows at Caletón Beach, as well as at the Cap Cana Information and Sales Center.

Sandra Ehlert Diseño de Interiores, S. A. – A firm founded and chaired by Sandra Ehlert since 1991.  Ehlert’s Dominican-German origin has influenced her design culture as an esthetic and functional tool that transcends all borders in favor of humanism. A Magna Cum Laude graduate in Interior Design from Universidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña, her first work experience with designer Patricia Reid Baquero marked the beginning of her career. Since then she has kept up to date in the world of design, bringing her firm to the forefront in this exclusive market. She has designed Cap Cana’s Founders’ apartment’s project. 

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